Best Basal Thermometer Review with Buying Guide

The essentials in brief

  • The basal body temperature is measured with a basal thermometer. It is the lowest body temperature or base temperature in the daytime rhythm. Although it is reached during sleep, basal body temperature is referred to as the wake-up temperature.
  • The basal body temperature changes during the female menstrual cycle, allowing conclusions to be drawn about the stage in which a woman is currently. Therefore, a basal thermometer is mainly used for cycle control.
  • Basal thermometers are available in an analog and digital form, and they work like conventional clinical thermometers. A big difference is the more accurate display of the basal temperature with two decimal places.

5 Best Basal Thermometer Reviews

1. Generation Guard Clinical Digital Thermometer review

Generation Guard Clinical Digital Thermometer

The Generation Guard Clinical Digital Thermometer is higher than just a thermometer. It’s like a mini computer! It regulates your temperature to 1/100th to a degree. It saves your readings, and it defines the data to foretell when you’ll ovulate and report you if you might be pregnant. It also provides you one area to record other info about your menstrual period, like bleeding, cramping and cervical liquid. You have to follow for a couple of cycles to notice the full advantages, but it’s like fertility-charting entries! And, I have to state that everything it does is awesome.

  • Accurately measures
  • Interprets temperature data 
  • Reminder alarm will help to use it timely
  • It's readings and charting facility will give you follow up ability
  • Automatically exposes your period data
  • Confusing to use but if you follow the manual properly it will be easy to use
  • It has no light 

2. Geratherm Basal Digital review

Geratherm Basal Digital

This thermometer does not carry mercury which executes it much reliable for the application. It is an analog thermometer that requires frequent shaking to get accurate temperature expressions. Notwithstanding its traditional design, it offers the same accuracy as the mercury thermometers. The thermometer appears with explicit directions to provide comfortable use. The case is created by a magnifying optic to offer large readings that are simple to understand.

  • illuminated display
  • Storage of 10 measurements possible
  • flexible tip for a particularly gentle application
  • Free BBT chart
  • Memory Function
  • Safe beep when peak temperature is transferred
  • Decimal display
  • Some of the customers said its quality is not up to the mark

3. Enji Best Baby Clinical Digital Thermometer review

Enji Best Baby Clinical Digital Thermometer

This is a quick and reliable thermometer created for kids. It allows you to receive readings in just a thing of a second, which presents it one of the quickest on the market. The thermometer is intended to measure body temperature through the ear. It highlights an outstanding built-in memory able of remembering the last ten readings. It is an extremely recommended model that has been certified and accepted for safe use.

  • Reliable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to read
  • Fast and precise
  • Multi-use facility
  • It needs to clean after each use

4. Braun Thermometer Review

Braun Thermometer

It appears with a full screen with backlight to quickly observe the temperature range even in the dark. The screen shifts color depending on the intended temperature: Green implies babily is accurate, Yellow means baby is operating a slight temperature and red means, he’s become a high fever. This is simple to use, and the product is made more comfortable with the directions printed right on the thermometer. It only has two simple to use buttons.

  • Reliable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to read
  • Fast and precise
  • Multi-use facility
  • It needs to clean after each use

5. Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer review

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer

This thermometer is simple to use. It is suggested though to get temperatures through the ears if your child is above one year old. Temperature presentations are accessible in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It is powered by Triple-A batteries which are great for a thousand readings per set. Nevertheless, the accuracy and authenticity of this thermometer have more than executed for it. This thermometer proceeds always highly suggested by pediatricians.

  • Extremely durable.
  • Infrared sensors are susceptible.
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides accurate temperature measurements.
  • Highest rated forehead baby and grown-up thermometer for the house and hospital use.
  • The size is quite big

Best Basal Thermometer Buying Guide

There are many methods to the children's desire to get closer and to influence timely pregnancy. But also a prevention without hormones and side effects occurs more and more in the consciousness of the women. Who NFP = N natural F families are also planning practiced, both covers and are on the safe side because measuring the morning temperature using basal body thermometer is considered to be very reliable and is also easy and quick to use.

The connection between the basal body temperature and the female cycle was discovered in 1905 by the Frisian-Dutch gynecologist Theodoor Hendrik. The estrogen released by the female body in time for ovulation increase the basal body temperature. If a woman measures her temperature every morning, she can use a temperature curve to tell when her ovulation is taking place. Also, elevated basal body temperature over a period of more than 18 days is considered a relatively reliable sign of pregnancy.

1. How does a cycle thermometer work?

A basal thermometer or a women's thermometer is in the application comparable to a simple fever thermometer. The meter is left for a few minutes in a closed body as possible. This may be sublingual (under the tongue) or axillary (in the armpit), but for more accurate results, a rectal or vaginal temperature determination is recommended.

As with the clinical thermometer, there are both analog and digital basal thermometers. A big difference, however, is the more accurate determination of the temperature using 2-decimal-place display. The results are recorded in a temperature curve, which shows when ovulation takes place and is, therefore, time for contraception or the recipient. In the symptomatically method, the cervical mucus is also observed, and its procurement is also entered into the cycle table in the cycle table.

How does a cycle thermometer work

2. Basal thermometer: analog or digital

Both types are the same when it comes to handling the measurement, but the function of the temperature determination is different: While the analog thermometer works with an expansion fluid, a digital thermometer uses a sensor to determine the temperature.

2.1. Analog basal thermometer

An analog cycle thermometer works like a classic extension thermometer. It consists of an outer and an inner glass bulb. In the inner glass bulb is a liquid whose volume expands proportionally to the temperature rise. Typically, mercury has been used as the expansion fluid, but since it is toxic in the event of leakage, it has been banned and replaced with Galatians for personal use. The scale on the outer glass bulb is limited to a range of about 36 - 38 ° C in an analogous basal thermometer and can, therefore, be displayed larger.


Tip: Although the markings on the scale are set only in 0.1 ° C steps, a more accurate reading in 0.05 ° C steps is very well possible due to the spread representation and thus represents no disadvantage for you.


Marilin Meyar 

The advantages and disadvantages of analog basal thermometers compared to digital:

  • longer life, since no batteries necessary
  • more hygienic and environmentally friendly, because glass as a material
  • suitable for allergy sufferers, without nickel or PVC
  • Value can be read until you shake the liquid down
  • waterproof
  • no beeping
  • easy cleaning, because all round smooth surface
  • Glass is fragile
  • Shaking down the liquid after finishing the measurement requires practice
  • Reading the values must be done by yourself

2.2. Digital basal thermometer

A digital basal thermometer detects the temperature electronically. For this purpose, a sensor sits in the tip of the thermometer, which changes its conductivity when the temperature rises or falls. A display shows the changing current flow as a temperature value. If the amount does not continue to rise, a beep will sound. So you can quickly and safely determine your basal body temperature without much effort.

In our basal thermometer comparison 2017, you will find almost exclusively digital thermometers from various manufacturers and brands. They differ in the size and lighting of their display, their storage capacity and the nature of their tip (flexible vs. stable).

The advantages and disadvantages of digital basal thermometers  over analogue:

  • Storage of measured values
  • partially flexible tips and illuminated displays
  • Beep after completion of the measurement
  • good readability of the measured value
  • less battery life
  • not suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Measurement may be too inaccurate, as a precise determination of the basal body temperature requires a longer measurement period (about three minutes)
  • partly not waterproof
  • Beep partly loud and with too many repetitions

3. Purchase criteria: Which cycle thermometer is the right one for you?

In our basalt thermometer comparison, we have presented all important features. After all, before you buy, you usually do not have the option of performing a basal thermometer test yourself. In the following purchase advice, you will find out again how to find your personal basalt thermometer comparison winner.

3.1. Does the thermometer show 2 decimal places?

To detect even the smallest differences in your temperature history, you should also record the second decimal place. However, since this criterion is a key feature of basal thermometers, this should be the case with every product. In analog basal thermometers, the scale indicates only one decimal place, but is, as mentioned in the tip above, a reading of the second decimal place easily possible.

3.2. Is the display illuminated?

This criterion does not apply to analog thermometers because there is no display in the sense. In digital thermometers, however, this is a nice feature that allows you to read the temperature even in the dark.

3.3. How long does the thermometer measure?

Since we humans are usually not very patient by nature, we would prefer a quick measurement result. However, for a safe result, NFP experts recommend a measurement duration of about three minutes. This is not a problem with the analog basal thermometer because you decide when you want to stop the measurement. Most digital basal thermometers have adjusted their measurement time compared to normal fever thermometers, but are still faster finished. However, some continue to measure after the beep, so you still have the measurement time in hand.

Please note: For a precise result in terms of NFP, a measurement duration of up to three minutes is required. In addition, you should measure only once per cycle day, because deviations quickly arise that can unsettle.

3.4. Is it possible to save the last measured values?

With an analogous basal thermometer, you cannot store values in that sense, but the fluid will remain at the last reading until you shake it down again. However, if you record your data directly after the measurement, it is not necessary to save it. However, if you still want to go back to sleep or take care of other things after the measurement, you can use this additional function. Then pay attention to how many storages are possible.

We hope that you have found the best basal thermometer with our basal thermometer comparison.

4. How does NFP work and what alternatives to the basal thermometer are there?

4.1 What is NFP?

NFP stands for Natural Family Planning and is based primarily on the symptomatically method, for which a basal thermometer is needed. Important for this method is also the observation of the cervical mucus. The cervix is called the cervix. It secretes phlegm, which changes in texture as the cycle progresses, either preventing or permitting sperm to pass through to the uterus. So a woman regularly measures her warm-up temperature - always at the same place and at the same time during a cycle - and enters the values and the composition of her cervical mucus into a cycle table. Furthermore, the table also documents when you had your days and how severe the bleeding was when you had sexual intercourse and if there were other peculiarities such as illness or medication.

Document cervical mucus:
  • Ø = no mucus present
  • t = no mucus present, dry possibly itchy feeling
  • f = no mucus visible, moist feeling
  • S = mucus is plump, whitish, yellowish, lumpy or creamy
  • S + = mucus is glassy, ​​transparent, spinnable
  • S + H = last day of category S +, can only be recorded afterwards

4.2 cycle computer

Alternatively, you can use a cycle computer for family planning, which is more expensive to buy but saves you the paperwork.
There are two types of such baby computers: those that also evaluate the cycle by measuring basal body temperature and those that evaluate urinary hormone levels. Some of these temperature computers also allow for the detection of further symptoms and are therefore also suitable for the symptomatically method (for example the Cyclometer 2 plus) carried out a test in the year 2000 for such cycle testers, where it emerged that natural family planning using a basal thermometer stands high regarding safety and suitability for the prevention or the desire to have children and is therefore far superior to a contraceptive computer.

5. How safe is the symptomatically method as a contraceptive method?

For the safety of various contraceptives, the Pearl Index was launched. He indicates how many women have become pregnant every 100 despite contraception. The smaller the Pearl Index, the safer the method. As you can see from the table below, the symptomatically method is the safest natural method:

Contraception Minute Pearl Index Max. Pearl Index
Sterilization of the man 0.1 0.1
pill 0.1 0.9
minipill 0.14 3
IUS 0.16 0.16
Sterilization of the woman 0.2 0.3
IUD 0.3 0.8
Depo-Provera 0.3 1.4
Symptothermal method 0.4 2.3
temperature method 0.8 3
condom 2 12
no contraception 30 85

6. Questions and answers about basalt thermometers

1. What does Stiftung Warentest say about basal thermometers?

The Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a basal thermometer test, which is probably because this type of thermometer is on the one hand too special, but on the other hand, hardly differs from conventional fever thermometers. Fever thermometers, however, have been tested many times.

2. Where to buy a basal thermometer?

The most extensive selection of basal thermometers with all the essential information about the product can be found online. You can also buy your cycle thermometer in a pharmacy or a drugstore like dm.

3. How expensive is a basal thermometer?

It all depends on what you value with a basal thermometer. If for example, the display is large and also includes the date and time, you can count on about $20. If you are looking for a simple display in a practical format, or if you prefer an analog thermometer, plan for about $12. The cheapest basal thermometer costs under $10.

4. Where do I best measure my basal body temperature?

Basal body temperature is measured in a similar way to axillary (axillary) or sublingual (under the tongue) fever. The most accurate measure your value but rectally or vaginally. It is essential that you always measure in the same place in the course of a cycle to obtain comparable values.